Yours Truly Strikes Again!

I write on behalf of some great people during the days. Being able to share my thoughts with everyone makes me feel so good. I don’t know everything, but I have been through a lot and have a bunch to say about it!  🙂

I hope you enjoy this one, I had fun writing it!



What to Eat or Not to Eat…That is the Question

So I am thinking that my body is telling me to adopt a new way of living. Like as in my diet. For the last few weeks, my stomach has been bothering me and I think the culprit may be meat. I love a good steak and I really like chicken too…but it makes me feel so bad. Maybe it is Gluten. I know we were eating a more gluten free diet about a year ago and I did feel better. How is it possible to know? Ugh. I suppose I will check around at the different nutritional plans out there and just try a few. Maybe try eliminating meat from my diet and supplement with other sources of protien…I guess I will keep you updated. Maybe there are others like me who are finding it more and more difficult to eat anything!  🙂

Hi. I Love to Blog.

You will get to know me, I blog about everything. I have four sons and a handful of step-kids to help me out on this journey we call life. I blog for different clients, on their behalf when I am not writing novels under another name. When I have any spare time at all, I dabble in photography…making art with my eye.

I hope to see you around!