New Post! It’s a Good One!

I lost a grandfather to Alzheimer’s this year. So when I write articles about it, it comes from the heart. Read it and see what you think! (It was by me, I just put my old pen name in the bio. Oops.)


2 thoughts on “New Post! It’s a Good One!

  1. I lost my father in 2011, to Alzheimer’s disease. He had 9 children, but remembered none of us in the end. Incredibly sad, but love endures.

  2. maddyolson says:

    Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. I can completely relate to you and your family. It is a difficult road and I wanted to cry when Grandpa always asked Grandma, “Who is that?” when just two years before, he looked forward to seeing me and hugging me, dancing with me. About eight or nine months before he died, he had no recollection of me or my husband not to mention his great-grandchildren. It is a beautiful thing when family can come together and unite for the benefit of a loved one. Just beautiful. God Bless.

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