Feeling Humility

me and the boys

I know I usually post about the work I have been doing for other bloggers, but today I an writing about a really cool experience that I had with my two sons last night.

You see, my husband learned of a child that had been born ten years ago today this past January. It was a shock, but he now lives with us full time, something we really love! He is a great kid, a few rumples in his personality that are hard to learn when he is almost set in his ways. lol

I am not so sure this little boy had really decorated a Christmas tree with his mom before. We really know so little about his past. But, when we got the tree up, he could barely contain his excitement to be able to help.

As with my tradition when I was little, I put up the lights, strung the ribbons and then found all the glass bulbs that would hang from the branches. JBM just felt the smooth glass in his hand a minute before carefully pinching the metal hanger and deciding where the perfect place to put it was. His eyes were big, as most are in the presence of the magic of Christmas and he let the hook grab a branch leaving it suspended in the lights of the tree.

My younges son, all of 13, stepped in to help me string lights, me on one side, him on the other. Even after JBM had gone to bed, DBT helped me finish the tree, the carols blaring from the radio and the two of us dancing and singing along. The Christmas spirit was in my home last night. Even though there will be very few gifts under that tree, it is the time spent together that makes the difference.

I love my kids so much and pray that when they are grown with kids that they remember the times we spent together crafting the perfect tree!


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