Guest Post: 4 Great Reasons to Visit Canada

Nearly ten million square kilometres of gorgeous lakes, rainforests, mountains, and beaches await you in Canada – not to mention a collection of world-class cities, a unique and lively nightlife, and an arts and cultural scene that’s unlike you’ve ever experienced. Read on, and learn why the road north leads to some epic vacation adventures.


From the sandy beaches of Vancouver Island, to the infinite countryside of golden Saskatchewan, Canada is nationally renowned for its friendliness, beauty, and incredible size. Whether you’re exploring the nightlife in downtown Edmonton, or heading for a swim at Mooney’s Bay beach in Ottawa, you’ll experience a country that’s rich with adventure and fun – including a selection of one-of-a-kind festivals and celebrations that would be perfect for your next Flickr slideshow.
Here are four outstanding reasons to consider Canada for your next vacation.

1. The Calgary Stampede

Every July, Calgary’s world-famous Stampede Park fills with spectators from all across the continent. They’ve travelled to the stunning plains of Alberta to attend “the greatest outdoor show on Earth”. The Calgary Stampede has assembled an incredible variety of events to entertain its fortunate visitors. There’s a rodeo, a parade, a raceland derby, an Indian Village, at a market that holds nearly half-a-million square feet of vendors. The whole city shows up for this party, and some of them even take it home – neighbourhoods host Stampede pancake breakfasts, retirement communities hold charity events and fundraisers, and large groups of volunteers provide an incredible variety of carnival-esque fun all across the city.

2. Quebec

The distinct architecture and artistic vibrancy of Quebec can’t be found in any other place in North America. Home to several of the continent’s oldest settlements, this geographically striking province offers some world class recreational options for tourists and residents alike. From the freshwater fishing and old-world small towns of rural Quebec, to the astonishing nightlife of Quebec City, this French speaking province also boasts some of the finest shopping in Canada – thanks in large part to the splendid consumer districts of metropolitan Montreal.

3. Canada’s Wonderland

When Canada’s Wonderland was first opened in 1981, the 330 acre park cost a then-gargantuan sum of 120 million dollars. Countless new attractions have been added in the decades that followed, resulting in an amusement park that is without a doubt the largest and most impressive in the entire country. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland draws over three and a half million visitors a year – who are drawn to the parks fantastic waterslides, wonderful dinosaur exhibit, and absolutely staggering assortment of enormous roller coasters.

4. The Winnipeg Folk Festival

Since 1974, international folk artists from every walk of life have been congregating just outside of Winnipeg. Every July, Birds Hill Provincial Park hosts the Winnipeg Folk Festival – a fantastic summer celebration of folk music, food, artistry, and camping. The celebration attracts a consistently impressive marquee of A-list performers, drawing nearly a hundred thousand fans annually.

Josh Byer is a blogger and copywriter residing in Vancouver, BC. His article appears courtesy of, a complimentary retirement resource for Canadian seniors. SeniorsZen can also be found on Twitter and Pinterest.


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