What do you Think About “Warm Bodies”?

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

There is a movie coming out on the 1st of February called “Warm Bodies”. It is a rom-com with zombies where a human is able to change the zombie so he is more of who he wants to be. Despite all odds, the unlikely couple ends up caring for one another.
But I believe the message is different than just the silly comedy of a human in love with a zombie. There are many parallels to life as we know it.
Take a peek!
Are You A Warm Body?


How did 2012 Treat you? My Emotional Recount…

me and the boys
This was a tough post to write, it really was. I looked very deep within myself to find the right words. It is my hope that I can show anyone struggling in the dark to be their own beacon of light and really come out of it to live life again…
Cherish the Milestones

The New Year has Begun…

in love
I don’t post that often about my own doings, I generally keep it to what I am working on or my newest post out there in the blogging world.

But this morning, I feel renewed. A sweet sense of starting over with this new year.

My mother took me out to see Les Miserables. Yes, those people were very miserable. haha But they also appreciated what they earned. They were content with the worst conditions because they became complacent.

However, Jean Valjean inspired me. When he tore up his “probation” papers and threw them into the canyon, something hit me really hard. I held the power to be whoever I wanted to be! I could make just a few changes to make my world a better place. I was the captain of my ship and I could steer my life wherever I pleased!

He also touched my heart with his simple phrase, “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Simple and powerful. There are varying degrees of love, I think. But the saying is true. Love can be the purest and most divine action we people can exhibit. So many of us love and get hurt that to love another in the same capacity is quite the hang up. But in the ways of Jean Valjean, one of the best ways to love others is to find love for our enemies. If your heart can reach out to them and forgive them their trespasses, you can love anyone.

In beginning my new life of 2013, I am making a goal to find something in each of my “enemies” to love. Perhaps then, the love I feel for my husband and my children will be all the more deep and treasured. I also vow to take life by the horns and steer it in the direction of my favor. My decisions have placed me where I am and my decisions will carry me forward.

A happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for reading my blog and my posts. 🙂

What Does Christmas Really Mean to you?

I sat down a couple of weeks ago and really thought about what Christmas means to me.

It is about family and friends, love and respect, and making memories that are looked back upon fondly, it is about Christ.

However, these modern days have taken a lot of that out of the holiday and replaced it with mandatory working at a job, spending the day driving from house to house to visit about nothing, endless shopping at department stores to buy the best gifts. We decorate our homes to outdo our neighbors and we remove ‘Christ” from Christmas when we spell it xmas. It seems okay, it is the way of the times.

What I want to do this year…only handmade from the heart gifts, sledding down hills with the kids, building a snowman, having a modest dinner made with my hands, and to stay in one place.

There are many great ideas that we can pull from yesteryear and apply them to our modern celebrations. This article I wrote gives some ways to step back in time and appreciate what you have and not what you can buy. Try it! It may surprise you!