What do you Think About “Warm Bodies”?

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

There is a movie coming out on the 1st of February called “Warm Bodies”. It is a rom-com with zombies where a human is able to change the zombie so he is more of who he wants to be. Despite all odds, the unlikely couple ends up caring for one another.
But I believe the message is different than just the silly comedy of a human in love with a zombie. There are many parallels to life as we know it.
Take a peek!
Are You A Warm Body?


Do you Suffer from SAD?

If you are prone to what they casually refer to SAD as “The Winter Blues”, this two part article will give you the signs to look out for and ways to combat it!
I am one of those who struggles through January-March. So I gear up before hand and prevent the low feelings.
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SAD Disorder

How did Harry Potter Change the Lives of your Children?

boys on the bridge
When I was invited to write reviews for http://www.movieboozer.com, I put a lot of thought into what movie I would write about first. I looked over their list of movies already talked about and Harry Potter came to mind. It was one of the best family evenings we had spent together and I bow to Rowling for her vision, her insight, and her ability to get my sons to read a book! I am thankful for the opportunity to not only share my views, but to relive that night and the time my kids really exercised their imaginations.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Review

In Light of a Failed Apocalypse…

Being in a house full of little men, I have quickly learned the appreciation for zombies. I am even writing my own adventure with the creatures. This is a hot topic right now, to the point of making it a part of our recreational lives.
WHAT?!? You say??
Getting your thrills, chills, and spills while goofing around with zombies can be a great way to blow off some steam or just prepare you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!


Yours Truly Strikes Again!


I write on behalf of some great people during the days. Being able to share my thoughts with everyone makes me feel so good. I don’t know everything, but I have been through a lot and have a bunch to say about it!  🙂

I hope you enjoy this one, I had fun writing it!