What do you Think About “Warm Bodies”?

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

By Kevin Dooley (Flickr)

There is a movie coming out on the 1st of February called “Warm Bodies”. It is a rom-com with zombies where a human is able to change the zombie so he is more of who he wants to be. Despite all odds, the unlikely couple ends up caring for one another.
But I believe the message is different than just the silly comedy of a human in love with a zombie. There are many parallels to life as we know it.
Take a peek!
Are You A Warm Body?


Do you Suffer from SAD?

If you are prone to what they casually refer to SAD as “The Winter Blues”, this two part article will give you the signs to look out for and ways to combat it!
I am one of those who struggles through January-March. So I gear up before hand and prevent the low feelings.
Take a peek!
SAD Disorder

Have you Seen Hugo?

me and the boys
I wrote this little review on a great family movie that was created based on the book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick.
My youngest son read this book and LOVED it! So he read it again! Yes, the message was so strong for him.
When the movie came out, he and I went to it. It was just our time. In a house of several other kids, this time is most precious!
Here is what I thought of the movie, what parts hit me hardest:
Hugo: The Message

Ready for Mardi Gras?

In the 1800/s, Mardi Gras was a much more formal affair than today. There were more family orineted activities, less flashing, drinking was not the purpose of it as it has become these days.
So bring back the traditional Mardi Gras feel and host a ball of your own! This article I wrote will give you some great pointers!
Celebrating the Mardi Gras Tradition

New Year…New Ideas!

amelia on a budget
Are you currently trying to find better ways to eat?
Celebrations are no excpetion when you are trying to stay on the Healthy Wagon. Believe me, there are plenty of recipes out there to eat better without sacrificing the fun.
Here is a post I did on respecting healthier ways of eating, if not for yourself, for those you care for on a daily basis.
Making Healthier Choices at your Next Birthday Party

How did Harry Potter Change the Lives of your Children?

boys on the bridge
When I was invited to write reviews for http://www.movieboozer.com, I put a lot of thought into what movie I would write about first. I looked over their list of movies already talked about and Harry Potter came to mind. It was one of the best family evenings we had spent together and I bow to Rowling for her vision, her insight, and her ability to get my sons to read a book! I am thankful for the opportunity to not only share my views, but to relive that night and the time my kids really exercised their imaginations.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Review

High Blood Pressure? Fix it!


My mom has high blood pressure. Her first instinct, as many of us have, is to go to the doctor so we can be prescribed a pill and given some diet advice…no salt, no fat…

The thing is, we all know this. But how often do we take matters into our own hands and allow the body to take care of itself?

It isn’t in the make up of the human body to be diseased. This happens from the choices we make as people. Whether it is the food we eat, the lack of exercise, or even our environment, we hold the power to destroy our body as much as heal it.

Think I am a quack yet? lol

Let me tell you a little bit of a story. As I mentioned above, my mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure and A Fib problems. They added a handful of medications for this and that to the mess she already has been taking for her Lupus and arthritis.
I did some research. Okay, a lot of research on ways to help her get her body back on track. This is what we tried (and her doctor told her to keep doing it!):
She was already taking Omega3 supplements also.

Taking these for a couple of weeks, she noticed a big difference and dropped a couple of her medications. She just didn’t need them.
If you, or another you love suffers from high blood pressure, check out my latest article and get back to the land of the living!
Three Tricks to Lowering your Blood Pressure Naturally